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LoM Book 7 Special Edition: Chapter 6


    In no time at all a week passed. Sonic, Cyan, Uncle Chuck, and the rest of the research team continued to explore the far reaches of Ice Cap, often returning with somber news. As Blizzard had expected, they were constantly hearing tales of the fire beasts from the villagers, though so far they had seen nothing to prove that the monsters actually existed. Nor had they discovered any more clues that would lead them to the source of the Darkness. Thankfully, however, there had been no more news of disasters anywhere on Mobius. Reassuring as this was, Uncle Chuck insisted it was only a matter of time before there was.
    The children, meanwhile, continued to enjoy themselves during their visit to Ice Cap. In the daylight hours they could often be found hiking and snowboarding i
:iconsonicmaster23:SonicMaster23 2 5
LoM Book 7 Special Edition: Chapter 5, Part 2
    "Aethon. Hey, Aethon, wake up."
    "Wha--?" Aethon murmured groggily, lifting his head and blinking sleep out of his eyes.
    Turq was nudging him with her elbow. "We're going to land soon. My dad says we should put on some warm clothes."
    Aethon stretched leisurely and sat up. "Can we see anything yet?" he asked, leaning toward the window on his left.
    "Mountains," Turq said. "Tons of them. They're beautiful!"
    Every now and then, through the misty sea of clouds, Aethon could catch glimpses of great, vaulting peaks, draped in glistening snow. Here and there, between the mountains, he could also spy patches of rugged forest that seemed to stretch on for miles and miles.
    "Wow," he whispered. "Amazing."
    Just then Coby walked up, wearing a thick denim jacket. "Six o' clock," he said cheerfully, glancing at his watch. "We've made good time. We shoul
:iconsonicmaster23:SonicMaster23 3 2
LoM Book 7 Special Edition: Chapter 5, Part 1


    "Come on, Amber!" Coby called as he hurried up a rugged hillside, toward the distant trees. "We don't want to be late!"
    He paused and looked back over his shoulder. His young apprentice came running up to him, puffing heavily as she clambered up the slope. She kept fretting with a red necktie she was wearing.
    "It keeps coming untied," she said.
    "Here, like this," Coby said, stooping down and helping her to tie the tie into a perfect knot.
    "How do I look?" Amber asked, looking up at him with her bright blue eyes. She stood up straight and held out her arms to show off her outfit. Along with her necktie, she was wearing a tan jacket that had been neatly pressed, dark green shorts, and a sash that was decorated with a colorful collection of badges. Her red fur looked smooth and glossy, and h
:iconsonicmaster23:SonicMaster23 3 1
LoM Book 7 Special Edition - Chapter Four, Part 2
 Soon an hour crept by, and Coby, Aethon and Charon were still waiting to hear any news. They were relieved to see, however, that most of the citizens were starting to calm down, and that more and more of the sick were waking up. Cyan, Turq and Raena's powers must have helped them greatly.
Coby realized that he was starting to feel better too, now that he was out of the strange storm. But there was still no sign of Sonic, Shadow or Nihara, and he was beginning to worry. Surely it would be dangerous for them to be outside for so long?
   "I hope Dad's OK," Aethon murmured, voicing his fears. "I know he's the 'Ultimate Life Form' and all, but what if he gets sick too?"
   "What's making people sick in the first place?" Charon asked. "That's what I want to know. Whatever it is, it came with this storm."
   "Almost like a toxic gas," whispered Coby. "Or an airborne virus..." He blinked suddenly. "Vren said something about the Darkness. Did anyone else hea
:iconsonicmaster23:SonicMaster23 2 2
LoM Book 7 Special Edition - Chapter Four

   Coby stooped down and picked up a  bag of grain, hoisting it up onto his shoulder. It was very heavy, but with some effort he managed to heft it away from the grain shed, over to a large wooden cart in the barnyard that was piled high with an assortment of sacks, boxes, crates, bags, churns and barrels. Carefully he deposited his load with the other items and paused a moment to wipe the sweat from his brow.
  Almost done, he said to himself.
   Two weeks had passed since the incident with Storm and the forbidden clearing. Coby was out at the farm, along with Keesho, Turq and Aethon, helping the farmer with his chores. His task for the day was loading up a cart of fruits, vegetables, grains, milk and other produce to bring to market. He had been hauling boxes and crates all afternoon, and by now  his back and shoulders were quite sore, but he worked on without complaining. Today was the last day of th
:iconsonicmaster23:SonicMaster23 3 3
LoM Book 7 Special Edition - Chapter Three
    Coby yawned with boredom as he stared down at the pages of his thick history book. His mind wasn't on his schoolwork today. Glancing up, he could see bright sunshine streaming through the beautiful stained-glass windows of the Royal Library, casting sparkles of red, blue and gold onto the walls and the floor. It was a beautiful day, and he longed to be outside, to run through the clear autumn air. Now, on top of mentoring Amber and all his regular classes, he was training with Nihara, which forced him to stay indoors even longer each day. Being cooped up for so long made him stir-crazy, but at least he could release some of his pent-up energy when he was learning to fight with a sword. Nearly a week had passed since his ceremony, and he had already learned a lot -- mainly how to block and dodge. He couldn't wait until they actually began to practice some combat techniques.
    Suddenly Turq, who
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LoM Book 7 Special Edition - Chapter Two

The morning sunlight shimmered bright through the windows as Aethon made his way down the busy palace halls. He swung around a corner, humming cheerfully to himself, and started to jog down a long, winding set of stairs. Suddenly he leaped up onto the banister and slid down, skillfully keeping his balance as the stairway spiraled down floor after floor. Just as he neared the bottom, he jumped off, flipped through the air, and went sliding on his knees right into the kitchens.
Just ahead of him, Cyan, who had been preparing herself a glass of morning tea, grinned and clapped.
"Another dramatic entrance, Aethon."
Aethon stood up and gave a dramatic bow, flourishing his cape out behind him. "Good morning, Aunt Cy. You're looking rather lovely today."
The Queen chuckled and gave him a curtsy. "Well thank you, my lord. You're up early, aren't you?"
"Yep," he answered, swiping an apple from a bowl on the counter as he strolled past, "I told Lex I'
:iconsonicmaster23:SonicMaster23 6 1
LoM Book 7 Special Edition - Chapter One
Slowly the sun descended in the skies, touching the distant storm clouds with streaks of fire. In the land far below, long shadows crept down the jagged mountainsides and seemed to slither, like wraiths, into the sprawling city of Arja. From his perch on an outcropping of stone, a lone figure looked out across his homeland warily, his golden eyes glinting in the last glaring rays of sunlight. He was a hedgehog, about fourteen or fifteen years old.  His short, sleek fur was silvery-white in color, but now, as the gathering storm continued to darken the horizon, it was stained almost blood red. He shivered as a cold wind raked through his quills and a rumble of thunder echoed above. The air was thick with the scent of rain, it wasn't this that made him feel so uneasy. Something else was stirring in the thickening dusk... Some sense of impending danger that was steadily growing, like the squall around him.
Anxiously he began to pace, scuffing his boots a
:iconsonicmaster23:SonicMaster23 5 6
LoM Book 8 Excerpt
"Father! Father, don't leave me!"
Turq's anguished cry rang out through the darkness as she ran, ran with all her might, toward the distant shape ahead. All around her battle was raging—bodies littered the ground; flames blazed wildly; everywhere blood was soaking the earth. High above, the sky was as bright and red as a gaping wound, and now and then it flashed with explosions of light. The air was so thick with the stench of death that Turq could hardly breathe. But it didn't matter. She had to reach her father in time. She could let nothing stop her.
She could see him now, just in front of her, a blue hedgehog staggering across the battlefield. His head was sagging painfully, and his chest was covered with dark blood. Desperately he looked toward her and shook his head, as if warning her to go back. Turq's heart clenched when she saw the fire fading from his emerald eyes.
"No!" she cried, dodging slashing blades and hissing arrows.
The hedgehog called something to her, b
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Magnificent Beast by SonicMaster23 Magnificent Beast :iconsonicmaster23:SonicMaster23 185 26
Well what have we here...?
Night hung over the misty glade, deep and mysterious. Great, ancient trees reared into the sky, softly whispering as a cool wind rose. Below them a tiny, silver stream trickled into a deep pool which sparkled with the reflection of a thousand stars.
Suddenly, one of those stars began to grow brighter and brighter, until it outshone the full moon that rested over the distant mountain peaks. It bathed the forest with its soft, bluish glow, and then abruptly darted toward the ground, leaving a trail of shimmering dust across the heavens. With a brilliant flash, it landed in the center of the glade, right beside the pool.
As the light subsided, the star slowly assumed the shape of a hedgehog. Its body was a shining crystal blue and slightly translucent, wreathed in white flames. Its glowing eyes pierced the blackness as it looked quietly around the clearing, then approached the water's edge.
Lifting its head to the sky, it suddenly called out in a clear, echoing voice, "Com
:iconsonicmaster23:SonicMaster23 28 19
Sickness by SonicMaster23
Mature content
Sickness :iconsonicmaster23:SonicMaster23 60 19
Dragon Wolf Lineart by SonicMaster23 Dragon Wolf Lineart :iconsonicmaster23:SonicMaster23 120 21 I Hate Everything About You by SonicMaster23 I Hate Everything About You :iconsonicmaster23:SonicMaster23 70 16

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Jessica Senia
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Hello, everyone! My name is Jessica Senia, aka SonicMaster23. I've been on DA here for 10 years now. I'm most well-known here for a lot of my Sonic the Hedgehog fan art and fiction, but you'll also find a lot of traditional art and original prose in my gallery. My other interests include reading, playing video games, collecting soundtracks and owl stuff, grooming dogs, going on nature walks, and hanging out with my pet cockatiel Snowy. =) Thanks for visiting, and enjoy!
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Hello, everyone. Thank you for your kind birthday wishes.

Just wanted to check in and report that I'm not dead. Though earlier this year I thought I would be, because I got bit by a dog and thought I had tetanus. x.x (long story). The good news is I didn't. The bad news is I got slapped with another ridiculously large hospital bill -- $3,000 to be exact. Hurray for being thousands of dollars in debt because I don't want to die!

So, what am I up to? Well, aside from trying to figure out which direction my life is going in and what the hell my purpose is, I've just been hanging out, working, watching hockey, occasionally making feeble attempts at drawing, etc. In good news, my husband and I have been planning on a belated honeymoon this year. (We did not get to go on one last year because of money issues). My very generous grandmother and my father were kind enough to lend Jonathan and me money to take a trip. At first we weren't sure where to go, though I had a couple ideas. The Grand Canyon, North Carolina, Disney, etc. After much deliberation, we've decided to take a Disneymoon. :) It is my biggest dream to go to the Grand Canyon someday, and sooner or later, I'm going to make it happen, but we chose Disney or it for a few reasons:

1. Not quite enough money. Flights are expensive (and I HATE flying), and on top of that, we would need to factor in costs for a rental car, hotels, food, park admission, etc. With Disney, we don't need to fly, we don't need a rental car, and we can get a vacation package that includes hotel, park tickets AND food for one price.

2. Disney World is adding a new Avatar land to its Animal Kingdom park, and it's due to open this year. As soon as I heard about this, I knew we'd have to go see it. Avatar is by far my favorite movie, and since I've never been to Animal Kingdom before, I knew this would make my first visit all the more special.

3. Jonathan and I haven't been to Disney since we were very, very young. I think I was maybe five or six the last time I went to Magic Kingdom. But I have been DYING to go back for years and years. Disney is something that, unfortunately, is becoming prohibitively expensive, but now that we have the money, I want to make it happen.

We are planning to go in October, which is around when our anniversary would be. Fortunately, according to everything I've read, the crowds are supposed to be lighter during this time of year. And we are looking to do the whole Disney experience: staying at a Disney resort, and visiting all four parks. The neat thing is that there are a lot of benefits to staying in a Disney resort, including FREE TRANSPORTATION to and from the airport, to and from all the resorts, and to and from the parks. This is a pretty amazing thing for Disney to do, and a big incentive I think for families to visit. And even if you have your own car, you can park at all the parks for free as long as you're staying at a resort. You can also make dining reservations 180 days in advance, and reserve FastPasses for rides 60 days in advance.

It's true that in the last month or so, I have become a major Disney-holic, because I have devoted all my free time to researching the parks and how to plan a vacation there. I've been watching videos about all the rides and shows on YouTube. I've been reading Disney guidebooks and blogs. I've even been starting to buy more Disney merchandise, just because I'm so excited. There's something about the Disney universe that just seems to suck you in, and to me it has always been a special, magical place that just brings out your inner child. I know that sounds cheesy, because that's what everyone says, but it really is true.

For anyone thinking about going to Disney World (or Disneyland), there is a wealth of information out there. I've found so many great resources, so if you're interested, let me know and I'll share them with you. :) 

At any rate, that's what's new in my life. Thanks again to everyone who sent me birthday messages. Talk at'cha later!


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Happy Birthday! Know it was yesterday but I still don't have your #. Hope it was good!
AsthmaAdmiral Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Happy Birthday! Know it was yesterday but I still don't have your #. Hope it was good!
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